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Data Readiness & Acquisition

Lay a solid foundation with our data readiness and acquisition, facilitating thorough data evaluation and strategic collection to power your AI solutions.


Get the knowledge and skills you need, ranging from AI 101 to solution-specific curricula, ensuring you're positioned to maximize your technology investments.


Navigate your AI technology journey with our expert consulting, providing workflow assessment, gap analysis, and ROI clarity to guide your technology selection.

Solution Dev & Integration

We develop and seamlessly integrate AI solutions tailored to the unique needs of retail, making the lifting lighter for your dev teams and IT organization.


Rest easy with our ongoing support and optimization services, ensuring your AI solutions continue to deliver value and adapt to your evolving operational needs.

Solution Design

Benefit from our tailored AI solution designs, crafted to address your specific retail challenges, ensuring a perfect fit for your business needs.


We handle the full-scale implementation of AI solutions, aligning them with your operational goals to realize desired outcomes.
What We Do

One approach.
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About Our Company

Choose The Best A.I. Partner for Retail

Retail A.I. Solutions (RAiS) is dedicated to revolutionizing the retail industry through tailored artificial intelligence solutions, we call Skills. We specialize in enhancing retail operations including loss prevention, facilities management, safety and security, point of sale, inventory visibility, shopper analytics, customer service, and associate productivity. With over 20 years in the industry, our team has served a spectrum of retailers from Walmart to regional chains, amassing a wealth of retail expertise.

Our mission is to bridge the technological divide, enabling retailers of any size to leverage cutting-edge AI solutions to overcome operational challenges and drive substantial value. We offer a spectrum of services encompassing technology sales, solution design and development, data acquisition, systems integration, implementation, and support. Strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology vendors, AI startups, and cloud providers enable us to accelerate time to value for all, ensuring quick and seamless integration of AI technologies into retail operations.

Led by retail and enterprise technology industries veterans, our vision is to accelerate the adoption of AI, analytics, and edge computing in retail, driving innovation and operational excellence.

Connect with us to explore how we can build the future of retail together.

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Choose The Best A.I. Partner for Retail